HORSEBACK ARCHERY   Welcome to the founding centre for Horseback Archery training and competitions in the U.K. The first full time dedicated school for Horseback Archery in the U.K  Since our grass roots start with just 2 horses and an idea the centre has now grown to be largest centre for Horseback Archery training. We are delighted and proud to have now taught over 2000 students this ancient and exciting skill.  We teach true traditional techniques and are fully licensed and insured to teach Horseback Archery. The centre is affilated to the National Horseback Archery Society (NHAS) - The governing body for Horseback Archery in the U.K Click link above to be taken to the NHAS page for joining information and membership benefits.   The Centre is honoured to also be affiliated to The World Horse Archery Federation - WHAF - based in South Korea.    

Horseback Archery traditionally and historically originates from the people of the Steppe region, i.e. Mongols, Partians, Turks, Sythians, Sarmatians and Huns. 
The military art later turned into an equestrian sport but was only really practised by a handful of people in countries such as Korea and Japan where their traditions lived on. 
In Europe the modern day sport was brought to life by the Hungarian, Kassia Lajos. As a result of his dedication to the sport it has become popular in many more countries including Germany, Poland, France, Greece, U.S.A, Australia and Sweden to name just a few. 
Join us on one of our many friendly and informative courses where you will receive safe & expert tuition on trained & experienced horses in true traditional Horse Archery techniques.  
Our coaches are the most experienced Horse Archery coaches in the UK and have over 28 years of experience at our dediacted centre for Horseback Combat. 
We teach mainly Korean style Horseback Archery using the ancient thumb draw technique but also practice Mamluk, Hungarian and Qabak here at the centre. 
We have the only purpose made 150m sand track for Horseback Archery in the U.K and run National and International competitions here at the centre. 
Clare Rachel reviewed The Centre of Horseback Combat – 5 star 
21 May 2018 
"Just the best experience this weekend for horse archery! The team were so friendly and welcoming and Karl needs a second career in stand up comedy! I learnt so much and got a lot out of the day. Will be returning as soon as possible for more horse archery. Can't thank you enough." 
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  HORSEBACK ARCHERY COURSES  Click the images below for half day or full day course dates    

We start our season at the end of March when the land is dry enough to work on safely. In the Summer months we also run Horse Archery club, a 2 hr practice session designed for those that have already attended a half day or full day course with us and can canter and shoot - £70 per session.  
You are welcome to bring your own trained and insured horse - club evening session with own horse - £30 per session. 
We also cater for Riding clubs, email or call for details. 
Gift vouchers are available for the half day course at £99 and the full day course for £185 
Please note: We no longer can accept novice or unexperienced riders on these courses - please contact us if you are unsure of your suitability. 
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