The Centre Of Horseback Combat - Company Message
The Centre of Horseback Combat
A Centre of Excellence for the Horseback Archery, Jousting and Stunt Riding.
   This is where the excitement really begins.

   Based nr Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
We hope to see you in here in 2015 with NEW beginner Horse Archery course weekends, advanced H.A. weekends, comps and events, Rider Confidence courses, Stunt days, Intro to Trick Riding and lots more - we are very excited!
2015 course dates are now listed on each course page, please also keep an eye on here and our Facebook page which we update daily.

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The Centre of Horseback Combat
The Centre of Horseback Combat, Hemel Hempstead. Learn Horse Archery, Jousting, Stunt Riding or join our unique Rider Confidence courses


Zana Greenwood Cousins Horseback archery     So, if you are here, then you are probably looking for the next adventure on horseback......
   Something different, exciting, using yourself and your horses to the very full of their abilities?
zana rearing on Niagara, A Spanish stunt horseWell, here it is, for we offer tuition in Horseback Archery, Trick and stunt  riding and Jousting to the brave, adventuresome and foolhardy!
The only centre in the U.K affiliated to the World Horseback Archery Federation.
We alone teach the true and traditional style of Horse Archery accepted at level around the world, as taught by the World Horse Archery Federation.
Internationally recognized gradings and competitions are regularly held at the centre.
Our students compete at National, European and World level.
  With a  180 metre  sand Horse Archery run and our amazing specially trained horses we can show you how to go - the skills you require to ride the horse while handling shield, sword and lance, or indeed to release the reins entirely to free your hands to use the bow, once twice or three times whilst still - and this is the crucial bit - whilst still being in control!   
 We are fully licensed, insured and experienced! Accept no less....
Natayla on course learning Horseback Archery at a walk 
         Last year students have competed in Horseback Archery at the World Championships in Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Florida and at the European Championships (EOCHA) in  Poland and Belgium -  We also had a student compete at Al Faris in Jordan 2012 in front of the king himself!
      Well done guys....keep flying the flag!

 As part of being licensed, the suitability of the facilities, health and welfare of the horses and experience of the tutors is assessed and approved - so in every way you know you are in safe hands and hooves!
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Please also take a look at our Q and A page for answers to the most common queries such as how to pay, spectators, terms and conditions etc.

The first dedicated centre for Horseback Archery training and competitions in the U.K!

                    Also seen on BBC 1 Breakfast programme Oct 16th with Mike Bushell coming and having a go at Horseback Archery and now featured in his new book, Bushell's best bits.  Click this link to view the BBC programme!
Wow! Horseback Archery Championships in Jordan last month - one of our students  competed here!  Totally fascinating.
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Alfaris 2012 Documentary
Alfaris 2012 Documentary
                               Now its your turn!
                 Just or call to book onto a course
                             Tel: 01442 462715
Horse Archery Eperience with a difference!! BHAA championships    
                 The Stampede Stunt Company
 stampede stunt company logo.  The Stampede Stunt Company provide full arena Jousting shows and trick riding shows across the U.K and abroad.
Please click image to be taken to our other website to see our exciting spectaculars.
 Speak to us soon to discuss a course and up a world of challenge, speed and excitement!
 We are  fully licensed and insured.
Please note riding hats are required to be worn by students at all times whilst on a course at The Centre of Horseback Combat Ltd.
Note:  The Centre of Horseback Combat Ltd carry £5,000,000 in but you use the facilities and equipment at your own risk.  The Management accepts no responsibility for injuries or accidents to your person or damage to personal property. The Centre can arrange  short term and yearly personal for our and you are advised to .

We are affiliated to the Association of British Horseback Archers (ABHA)
 WHAF -World Horseback Archery Federation.